Husky Throws A Full-On Tantrum When Its Told To Get Out Of The Bath

Baths are lovely, aren’t they? Granted there’s the difficult decision of whether you should make it really hot to start with so it last longer or whether you should make it just the right temperature which only leaves you like ten minutes of optimum soaking time…

But what about when you’re gearing up for a bath? Some people like to think of it whilst they’re on their commute home, other will walk past the bathroom and let spontaneity kick in… others will lie in the bath and cry until someone turns the water on for them…


Others like this Husky, Zeus!

I swear it’s saying no! Why do husky’s keep pretending they can’t talk?! We know they can.


And also it was weird to see the cameo of a much bigger dog at the end who must have been watching the whole affair. Like he went over to him and went “Tough break, Zeus. You love a bath

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