Rare Drone Footage Captures Whales Hunting Down And Grabbing A Shark

A drone has caught an unbelievable chase off the coast of Australia. The footage shows a pod of false killer whales stalking down a juvenile shark in waters near Cronulla, Sydney. Thefast-paced hunt ends with one of the false killer whales grabbing the shark in its jaws.

We did not expect to see what we saw It was an exciting moment, Bruno Kataoka,the drone hobbyists who caught the unbelievable moment, told 7 News Sydney. “We just happened to be there at the right moment, at the right time.

Not only is catching this footage a truly rare treat, false killer whales are not even particularly common in this area of theAustraliancoast. Despite the misleading name, theyre are actually from the dolphin family. These cetaceans can grow up to 6 meters (20 feet) long, making them the third-largest species of oceanic dolphin. As the video shows, thespecies are highly effectivegroup hunters, although they usually use theirskills to hunt squidor fish.

Check out the hot-pursuitbelow.



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