When You Have Something Good, Dont Go Looking For Something Better

When you have something good, protect it.

Guard it. Look after it. Make sure no one is trying to steal it. Know its worth, understand its value and dont tell everyone about it. Dont let people put a discount on it. Dont let people make you doubt how precious it is. Dont talk about how youre scared of losing it or question if it was worth the investment. When you have something good, keep it safe, dont risk losing it because you didnt know what to do with it.

When you have something good, love it.

Be kind to it. Look beyond the minor imperfections or minor bruises, dont try to make it spotless or whole again, love it the way you got it, the way you found it, the way you just couldnt take your eyes off it when you first saw it and how you kept thinking about it all night. Love it the way you did when all you wanted to do it was get it and what it took for you to get your hands on it. Love it even though at times you will not understand why you bought it or why you wanted it so much. Love it because deep inside its what you want but you’re afraid of getting soattached to something you just got. When you have something good, admire it, dont try to lose it because you thinkyou don’t deserve to have something that good.

When you have something good, understand it.

Understand who owned it before you, which homes did it live in before it found yours and if it was taken good care of or left unattended in a dark room. Understand the history behind it, know the details of how it was made, how it came to life, and what kind of it had to go through to look that good. Delve deeper into the things that make it so special and then try to understand why you are the best person to have it. Why it will be safe in your hands. When you have something good, dont be scared of how precious it is precious things find precious

When you have something good, dont go looking for something better.

When you have the real thing, dont look at the competition, dont look at the cheaper fake versions, dont look at the new models or the different colors and dont forget why you loved it so much when youre distracted by all the new things you keep looking at. If youre always looking for something better you will never appreciate what you have. If youre always looking for something better, you may notrealize that what you have is already the .

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